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Preview of New Items [Oct. 2nd, 2009|02:26 pm]
Forever in Black Sales


[mood |busybusy]

It's been a funny old year, with the credit crunch and turning 40, but onwards and upwards! I shall be trading in the Leisure Centre at Whitby Gothic Weekend from Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2009, then at Darkend Festival in Mansefield on 21st November 2009. I may have some more events to announce once confirmed, watch this space!

Due to popular demand, I am adding some Steampunk items to the site. This outfit features the new Victorian camisole, sleeves in cream lace, new collar and cuffs in bronze, a silk underbust, new long bloomers and a variant on the Can Can net skirt (one of my most popular items!) I am working out a way to add the one-off mini hats to the website, too.

By popular demand, hooded capes. There will be a huge choice of colours in velvet and linings. The one on the left is black with red lining; the one on the right is purple with black lining, although I have done combinations like purple and pink and green and silver in the past!

More steampunk! The 'Melanthe' capelet in cinammon silk, a NEW style of bustle, a NEW wench blouse (by popular demand!) and another limited edition corset fabric. The antique parasol is from my own collection.

Another new corset fabric, a stunning black coutil brocade with silver rosebuds all over. Shown with the Victorian camisole and long bloomers.

And finally, some pictures of the Memento Mori corset on a body, as a lot of people have asked.  Shown with a NEW short sleeved sheer blouse, and the shorter bloomers! The parasol is by Wicked Lady, Olivia's workmanship on these is exquisite!

I will be adding the new items to the website when time permits!

I still have a few available slots for Whitby orders, if you are interested please enquire!